Milton County Heritage Society
Reuniting Communities with Back to the Basics Life Values, Patriotism, Preserving Our True American Heritage

Back to the Basics Classes

instructionExperiencing  Back to the Basics Life through Our Nation’s True History and Heritage . . . Inspiring Our Families, Young & Old, to find their Creativity and Passion through the Life of Yesteryear . . .

With Classes Reminiscent of the way Life used to be when communities came together to Celebrate and Enjoy each other’s company, Nourishing, Cherishing, and Uplifting one another . . . Harkening back to the Days of Old where Families were Encouraged to Learn about the Faith, Life & Culture of Our Founding Fathers and Mothers and the “Melting Pot” that developed and inspired our nation which Enabled them to Endure and Prosper Preparing the Way for Future Generations.


Classes developing, but not limited to are . . .

Period Crafts, Art & Cultural Classes (Whittling, Carving, Painting Landscapes, Drawing, etc.)


Flower Gardening

Vegetable Gardening

Homemaking & Care (Laundry, House Cleaning, Sewing, Baking, Cooking, Soap & Candle Making,
Raising Children, Broom Making, Basic Yard Care, etc.)

Fishing (From Digging for Worms to Selecting Your Pole, to Scaling & Frying It Up for Supper!)

Hunting Basics

Livestock & Care

Horseback Riding and Care


The Art of Marriage

The Art of Family


Social & Business Etiquette

Development of  Fashion and Reenactment Clothing

Period Dancing & Singing

Period Musical Instruments:  How to Make & Play Them

Survival Skill Basics

Patriotism & Military Life

Swimming & Skipping Stones

Shuffle Board


Period Board, & Card Games

and so very much more . . .



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