Milton County Heritage Society
Reuniting Communities with Back to the Basics Life Values, Patriotism, Preserving Our True American Heritage


oneroom school house classroomThrough the belief of Faith and Education as treasured commodities, Our Founding Fathers and Mothers built this Great Nation. As they once did, so will we do the same restoring, repairing, and rebuilding our communities, families and buildings that have laid waste for many generations back to a strong foundation from which to build upon a stable and secure nation for our future generations through the Education of our True American Heritage of Patriotic Life & Culture . . . experiencing first hand real Back to the Basics Life causing us to once again appreciate, value, and respect our fellow man.





Milton County Heritage Society
P.O. Box 3492
Alpharetta, 30023

Phone: 678-580-5800 info@AmericanHeritageSocietyOfGeorgia

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