Milton County Heritage Society
Reuniting Communities with Back to the Basics Life Values, Patriotism, Preserving Our True American Heritage


Reaching for the stars


  • Inspire, Encourage & Empower Members & Communities to find their Creativity and True Gifted Passion through the Life of Yesteryear.

  • Locate, Identify & Celebrate Historical Properties & Landmarks for Historical Markers and Preservation Grants.

  • Preserve, Honor, & Celebrate Past & Present Stories and Experiences of Everyday Life through shared Audio, Video, and Books.

  • Locate & Apply for Preservation & Restoration Grants and Special Funding.

  • Historically Educate Members, Their Families, and Communities on the Life, Faith & Truth of Our County & Nation’s Heritage through Civics and the study of Our Constitution.

  • Plan, Coordinate, & Manage Educational Programs, Fund Raisers, Events, Conferences for Members and the Public.

  • Collect, Catalog, Maintain & Share a Library, Archives & Research Center.

  • Collect, Catalog, Maintain & Share a Genealogical Repository for Educating Members & the Public in Preserving their Ancestry through Genealogical Classes and Research Assistance.

  • Collect, Catalog, & Maintain a Family History Center Repository of shared Family Records and Artifacts.

  • Collect, Catalog, Maintain & Manage “The American Heritage Museum of Patriotic Life & Culture” – a “hands on” teaching Museum of our Military & Homefront.

  • Network with families, organizations, churches, communities, other counties, businesses, corporations, government, military & civic organizations, military support groups and collectors, and individuals of like spirit and like mind to unite and accomplish these goals to fulfill the Vision of putting the “Sense of Community” back in Community and getting “Back to the Basics of Life” celebrating our Military and Patriotic Life and Culture – Our True American Heritage.

Milton County Heritage Society
P.O. Box 3492
Alpharetta, 30023

Phone: 678-580-5800 info@AmericanHeritageSocietyOfGeorgia

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