Milton County Heritage Society
Reuniting Communities with Back to the Basics Life Values, Patriotism, Preserving Our True American Heritage

Camp Meeting Retreats (Phase III)

family retreatStep back in time to the old style “Camp Meeting Retreats”.  Wake up in the morning to first the Rooster Crowing and then Reveille, and join your bunk mates in the Community Arbor for a Morning Blessing, Presentation of the Colors, Pledge of Allegiance, and National Anthem; then you will be given your itinerary of classes and/or volunteer duties for that day retiring to a delicious Morning Breakfast.  Come back at Lunch and catch up with your bunk mates on what you learned and did.  Finish up in the afternoon with your classes and/or volunteer duties and wash up for Dinner.  Afterwards join in the festivities of old time music, song, and dance from those students that took The Music Room Classes, Then the retiring of the Colors.  Afterwards take a stroll in the moonlight and end up on the front screened porch of your Cabin rocking or swinging the night away telling stories with your cabin and bunk mates.  Just before lights out, you could take in a game of monopoly or a game of spades or mosey down to the shuffle board or horseshoe area.  Whatever you decide to do, we know you will be blessed by all the lasting friendships you make along the way as you learn to bless others with your wit and charm.  Oh, don’t forget Taps playing in the moonlight . . . Day is Done! 

Refuge Springs Camp Meeting Retreat provides: 

  • “Back to the Basics” Classes of Life & Values

  • Family Reunions

  • Class Renunions

  • Corporation Team Building

  • Church Retreats

  • Conferences & Conventions

  • Youth Weekend, Week, or Summer Camps & Classes

  • Short Term Guest Accommodations for Tourists

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